Woman accuses Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott for earthy abuse


The Jul box has now incited another spin with a woman’s new explain (which she done in an interview) in that she claimed that Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott abused her physically.

However, a military dialect privileged that during a examination there weren’t any ‘sign of earthy abuse’, so it is probable that a lady has been accusing ‘falsely’.

A orator for a Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, Terry Chavez, pronounced that a Elliott wasn’t arrested nor his box was forwarded to prosecutors for review.

He combined that there was no any clever explanation per a woman’s accusation, so it could probable that she usually wants some celebrity and media attention.

The box was being rubbed by a NFL itself on Jul allegations though a orator from a NFL pronounced that joining can’t criticism on a new allegations.

It all started when Elliott was in Florida in final Feb when a lady came adult with allegations. It’s been pronounced that a lady ‘became really indignant and dissapoint and hence she was asked to leave a apartment’.

Adding a piquancy to a same incident, a lady has now suggested in an talk that Elliott had even pounded her during a arguments and she had perceived several injuries.

Robert S. Tobias recently told to a media residence that it is believed that there were array of ‘actions’ between Elliott and a woman, that resulted in ‘violence’ between both of them.

But still, there is no proof, that celebration is observant a law and what indeed happened that day.


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